Procedure for Obtaining Digital Signature by Foreign Vendors

As per the IT ACT 2000, all bidders who participate in the online bidding process
should have a valid Digital Signature issued by any of the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) vendors approved by CCA, India.

Documents required :

  1.               Filled Form
  2.               Applicant’s Passport size photograph
  3.               Identity proof.
  4.               Passport Copy.
  5.               Authorization letter with applicant photograph on Company Letterhead by Company SIgnatory
  6.               Company Identity Proof Self Signed by Company Signatory and attested.
  7.               Company Signatory Signature Proof (his/her ID)
  8.               Company Entity Proof

Please affix the photograph on the form & sign (also sign across the photograph extended to application form) and self attestation required in all supporting documents


Documents attested / certified by: (any one of below)

  • Apostilized by Native Country, after Public Notary (if country is in Hague Convention)
  • Consularized by Native Country, after Public Notary (if country is not in Hague Convention)